Top Class Online Camp

  The program includes:

1. Conducting a speech warm-up - 10 minutes
Talking about vacation, family, friends and life events

2. Reading and watching videos - 20 minutes
Reading is offered of easy and medium difficulty on topics of interest to children. Also, it means watching videos of foreign bloggers.

3.Around the world online - 20 minutes
Highly interactive part of the online camp. Participants are offered a live tour of world attractions with the possibility of 3D flying around and receiving information of interest to the object directly from the host of the tour.

4. Trivia - 20 minutes
Competitive part of the online camp. Participants are invited to answer the quiz questions in turn, and those with the highest number of points for the correct answers will receive prizes.

5. Challenges related contests - 20 minutes
The creative part of the camp. Participants are invited to independently create content for Instagram \ TikTok platforms, etc. in the field of challenge. The first lesson of the week is designed to explain the concept and principles of the contest. Each subsequent session is aimed at checking and evaluating the work by voting.

Shift cost (5 days * 90 minutes):


2000 rub.